Gohighlevel survey

Gohighlevel survey

Embracing the Power of GoHighlevel Survey

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, navigating through a myriad of tools and techniques can be overwhelming. Enter GoHighlevel Survey, a cutting-edge marketing solution designed to unify the most effective strategies under one roof. This blog post serves as your comprehensive guide, unraveling the depths of GoHighlevel Survey and its transformative role in modern marketing practices.

**1. The All-in-One Marketing Solution

An Overview of GoHighlevel Survey GoHighlevel Survey stands as a beacon of innovation, offering marketers a unified platform where diverse techniques seamlessly converge. This section provides an overview of its multifaceted capabilities, setting the stage for a deeper exploration.

**2. A Marketer’s Best Friend

Understanding GoHighlevel Survey’s Impact Delve into how GoHighlevel Survey becomes every marketer’s best friend. By streamlining complex marketing processes, it enhances efficiency, allowing professionals to focus on creativity and strategy. Discover why it’s a game-changer in the marketing landscape.

**3. Defying Definition:

The Challenge of Scope

The Multifaceted Nature of GoHighlevel Survey GoHighlevel Survey’s extensive functionalities make it challenging to define in traditional terms. This section explores the difficulty in encapsulating its complete scope, highlighting the diverse functions that often elude conventional descriptions.

**4. Navigating GoHighlevel Survey:

Key Features

Unraveling the Toolkit Here, we dissect GoHighlevel Survey’s toolkit. From intuitive survey creation to in-depth analytics, this section explores its key features. Dive into its functions, including advanced survey customization and real-time data insights, showcasing its transformative power.

**5. Harnessing the Power of Data:

Insights and Analytics

Data-Driven Decision Making Data is the heartbeat of modern marketing. GoHighlevel Survey empowers marketers with robust analytics and insights. Learn how it tracks customer behavior, measures campaign effectiveness, and enables data-driven decision-making, revolutionizing marketing strategies.

**6. Realizing Marketing Mastery:

Success Stories

Case Studies: Real-World Impact Explore real-life success stories where GoHighlevel Survey becomes the linchpin of marketing success. From increased customer engagement to elevated conversion rates, these case studies illustrate how businesses leverage its capabilities to achieve remarkable results.


Your Gateway to Modern Marketing Excellence

In conclusion, GoHighlevel Survey transcends the conventional boundaries of marketing tools. As a unified solution, it not only simplifies complexity but also unlocks unparalleled creativity and strategic potential for marketers. Embrace GoHighlevel Survey as your gateway to modern marketing excellence, where innovative techniques and transformative insights converge, shaping the future of your marketing endeavors. Start your journey towards mastery today.

How We Use Gohighlevel At Our Agency

Method 1: Automating Client Acquisiton and Onboarding

One feature that we absolutely love about GoHighlevel is that it consolidates and automates a multi-channel outreach approach.

Previously, most of our outbound marketing for link building and client acquisition was all done through email.

When we added GoHighlevel to our agency, we were quickly able to replace both Woodpecker and Mailchimp while getting a higher quality service through Gohighlevel.

Our process now for Client Acquisition includes multiple touch points:

Day 1: Email

Day 2: Text

Day 6: Email

Day 7: Voicemail

Day 13: Email

Day 15: text

And by integrating text with the voicemail feature, our response rates have skyrocketed from around 4% when utilising simple emails to about 10-12%.

You will instantly receive some of our templates through email and incorporated into your account if you utilise the link associated with our account and are interested in checking out GoHighlevel.


Our own study revealed that it would take two more providers (on top of Woodpecker and Mailchimp) and cost an additional $200 per month to add both SMS marketing automation and phone marketing automation.

In addition, we would also need to integrate and bind everything together somehow using Zapier.

Pro Tip: After we created a successful campaign, we simply recruited a few more individuals to continuously prospect a list of possible clients and improve the quality of that list. We upload between 100 and 200 highly focused prospects into our funnel each week, and we use GoHighlevel to set up 10 to 20 client appointments.

While we’re on the subject, we add the clients who choose not to sign up to a nurturing sequence so that our company may continue to contact them and offer them value.

For those who do close, they go through an automatic on-boarding process so we can gain access to the usual resources an agency would require, such as Google Analytics, Facebook accounts, Search Console, website/hosting/DNS access, etc.

Method 2: Automating Our Link Building

I am aware that only a very tiny portion of readers will find this part interesting—readers who create links for your clients. Link building may be done using the same techniques we do for customer outreach.


We have devoted staff members who actively seek out websites from which we would want to receive connections. They are then included to a multi-channel outreach campaign after being funnelled into a form where they provide the data we want (TAT, price, content standards, niches, etc.), after which it is added to our partners list.

If you sign up for a 14-day free trial of GoHighlevel using the link below, we’ll instantly email you a copy of our link building templates, funnels, and playbook.

Method 3: Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

The most ignored and underappreciated aspect of digital marketing is CRO. The majority of marketers concentrate on the front end — how to bring leads in the door – but seldom care to consider how to close prospects.

By integrating GoHighlevel at several points in the sales process, with appointment scheduling being a key one, we have significantly enhanced our client’s ROI and reduced their customer acquisition cost.

You can perform a lot of things that result in much greater conversion rates by integrating GoHighlevel with Facebook Ads and Google Ads, including:

  1. Make appointments right away. We employ email and smartphone appointment reminder sequences, which distinguishes this from other situations. A prospect is more mentally committed to the service they are interested in when they schedule an actual appointment. By adding appointment reminders, you may significantly raise the proportion of customers who show up for a service by, at the very least, 30% and, at the very best, 80%.
  2. Force calling is when someone is called right away to set up a meeting with you or your client after filling out a lead form using PPC or Facebook advertisements. By employing this strategy, you may maximise your conversion rates by striking when the iron is hot.
Including this little bit of CRO into your marketing not only increases the conversions you get for yourself, but for your clients, thus making you a more valuable marketer to them
Method 4: The Ultimate Client Retention System

If you have ROI tracking and appointment booking in your business then it’s like rigging a slot machine in your favor so that everyday is payday, because now, your clients will (most likely) never fire you.

So why read this section? Because I’m going to show you how we use GoHighlevel to develop the ultimate client retention system.

If you implement what I show you in this GoHighlevel review, you can almost guarantee that you’ll retain all of your clients.

The only 2 reasons a client should ever fire you are because:

  1. They don’t like you.

  2. You don’t deliver results.

While I can’t help you with your personality in this GoHighlevel review, I can help you with the latter.

The thing about results is that if you can’t translate what you’re doing into ROI, then to the client, you’re not really producing results.

Here’s what I mean…

Let’s say a Black Swan even happens that sends the global economy into chaos and now your client has to tighten up their operations. They’re figuring out who to keep and who to fire.


GoHighlevel Review Scenario 1:

If the client knows that they spend $3,000/mo with you and net $21,000 back, then they know you bring in a 7x ROI net.

GoHighlevel Review Scenario 2:

However, if a customer pays you $3,000 a month and is aware that you “rank them for the #1 position on Search Engines,” they will no longer clearly understand the ROI.

As a result, they’re probably going to cut expenses or terminate you since they’re being cautious because they don’t know how much money you bring in.

GoHighlevel enables you to log incoming calls, messages, and leads and then automatically groups them into a pipeline for your clients so that you have concrete evidence of the outcomes you produce for them.

In other words, it fills the gap between your marketing efforts and the client’s outcomes.

Additionally, besides bridging that gap, there’s one more thing I want to mention in this GoHighlevel Review. And it’s that because you’re using GoHighlevel to provide so many services (see the first image of this article), then you become irreplaceable.

Because for a client to replace you, they have to sacrifice/replace their:

  • SMS Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Voicemail Marketing

  • Appointment Booking

  • Web Funnels

  • CRM

  • Primary Marketing (SEM / Social Media Marketing)

  • Business Automation

Delivering these services to your clients doesn’t take much. The results your clients get are incredible. But the hook is that for them to leave you, they have to either give up so much or replace everything they’re losing.

Being irreplaceable and proving your ROI is a bullet proof strategy for client retention.

Method 5: Business Automation

We’re not bot coders or script writers, and because of that, we always thought automating our business would be hard. 

GoHighlevel saves us hundreds of hours of work each week through automation – and the best part? It was pretty easy to set up. Through their systems of triggers and campaigns we’re able to automate nearly everything on the customer fulfillment end

For example, we can:

  1. Send out automated voicemails wishing our customers a happy birthday.

  2. Let customers use our calendar to schedule appointments. This sequence also comes with automated follow up reminders which dramatically increases conversion rates.

  3. Automate our follow up and nurture sequences.

  4. Automate our on-boarding messages and packages.

  5. Automate our reporting and call tracking.

These are but a few instances; the list is endless. In addition to benefiting our firm, our ability to provide our clients with this service has allowed us to save them tens of thousands of dollars in labour costs and time.

One prior instance involves some of our contractor clients’ admin manually calling individuals to remind them to arrange repairs.

They really saved three weeks’ worth of labour because to the voicemail campaign we were able to automate with GoHighlevel. So why are you still waiting? Launch your free trial right away!


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