GoHighLevel Shop Snapshots

Does Gohighlevel-Shop provide the option to create custom snapshots?

At this time, we do not directly offer custom snapshots, but rest assured, we can provide expert guidance in creating a snapshot tailored to your industry needs with Gohighlevel-Shop.

To begin, we recommend using either the Gohighlevel-Shop Small Business Snapshot or the Ultimate Quick Start Snapshot as the foundation for crafting your personalized snapshot. From there, you can incorporate funnels that align with your unique offers, engaging copy to nurture leads, and any additional workflows essential for your specific use case.

If you already have funnel pages and copy prepared, our team is ready to collaborate with you in a "done-with-you" capacity, utilizing the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support.

Could you outline the differences between the Snapshots provided by HighLevel and the snapshots offered by Gohighlevel-Shop?

HighLevel's Snapshots serve as great starting points, with frameworks focused on specific use cases, including opt-in funnels. Conversely, Gohighlevel-Shop's snapshots are all-inclusive, offering solutions for numerous use cases to kickstart your business.

Suppose there is no snapshot available that matches our use case. What should be our course of action?

To create a unique snapshot, use the Gohighlevel-Shop Small Business Snapshot or the Ultimate Quick Start Snapshot as a foundation. Add niche-specific funnels, desired offers, nurturing copy for interested leads, and any additional workflows essential for your specific use case.

If you have already designed funnel pages and prepared copy, our team can collaborate with you in a "done-with-you" manner, leveraging the Gohighlevel-Shop HighLevel WhiteLabel Support provided with the Gohighlevel-Shop Small Business Snapshot.

GoHighLevel Shop Whitelabel Support

In the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support plans, what aspects are not included in the support coverage?

Gohighlevel-Shop's WhiteLabel Support plans do not include assistance with done-for-you tasks like customizing funnels or building workflows for your clients.

Instead, they offer done-with-you support, where you or your clients can interact with experts such as funnel builders, CSS specialists, or workflow builders via Zoom calls to receive guidance and support for your specific needs.

Do I have the authority to determine which sub-accounts are eligible for Whitelabel Support?

Currently, Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support is accessible to all sub-accounts linked to the same subscription. However, we are exploring the possibility of allowing users to select certain sub-accounts for support access in the future. As part of our ongoing efforts to improve services, we encourage you to watch out for updates.

How is a person classified as a Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support client?

For Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support, a client refers to any sub-account outside your main agency sub-account, which is linked to one or more designated employees. With these designated employees, clients receive personalized assistance and expert support aligned with their unique requirements.

Does the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support impose any limitations on the quantity of Zoom calls my clients or I can set up?

Experience the convenience of our Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support, allowing you and your clients to schedule unlimited on-demand one-on-one Zoom calls with our expert team. These experts, featuring funnel builders, CSS specialists, and workflow builders, are available to offer tailored guidance and assistance to meet your specific needs.

GoHighLevel Shop Whitelabel Onboardings

Are onboardings available for separate buying?

To purchase the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboardings for your clients, you must be subscribed to the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support. Onboardings cannot be purchased separately as standalone services. To initiate the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support, you have several options:

  • Sign up directly for the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support.
  • Register for any available Gohighlevel-Shop Snapshots in the Gohighlevel-Shop GoHighLevel Snapshot Marketplace.
  • Take advantage of our Gohighlevel-Shop Sign Up Offer.

By opting for any of these options, you will qualify for the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboardings for your clients.

Please elaborate on the differences between "White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup (Gohighlevel-Shop Created Snapshot)" and "White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup (Agency Created Snapshot) Add-on Services"?

The primary difference between these two services centers on the source of the snapshot used during client onboarding.

White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup (Gohighlevel-Shop Created Snapshot): With this service, we onboard your clients using either an existing Gohighlevel-Shop snapshot or a custom one created by you or your team. This option may involve selecting a snapshot from The Gohighlevel-Shop Snapshot Marketplace (available for separate purchase). Our team manages the entire onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition for your clients. The initial onboarding is pre-paid, and subsequent onboardings are invoiced weekly.

White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup (Agency Created Snapshot): This service is suitable for agencies that already have their own snapshot or have procured one made by someone else. Our team collaborates with your existing snapshot and onboards your clients, ensuring they are set up correctly and have a smooth transition. Similar to the Gohighlevel-Shop Created Snapshot service, the first onboarding is pre-paid, and subsequent onboardings are invoiced weekly.

Both services come with our White-glove Client Onboarding & Setup process, guaranteeing a seamless experience for your clients, regardless of the snapshot’s origin.

What falls under the category of client onboarding?

The process of client onboarding encompasses all the setup steps needed for clients to initiate their usage of the platform, which includes tasks like setting up sub-accounts, integrating external tools, and providing introductory training.

Does the cost remain the same if the client prefers onboarding into an existing sub-account?

Certainly, the cost remains unchanged should the client necessitate our team to conduct the same setup, but expresses a preference for onboarding into an existing sub-account. Our pricing structure is based on the total number of clients undergoing onboarding, regardless of their sub-account situation.

Could we provide a map as a means to simplify the understanding of our snapshots?

Absolutely. To ensure that your clients receive a superior onboarding experience, our team requests a detailed understanding of your onboarding requirements, which can be achieved through mapping or a zoom walkthrough video.

Are we able to modify the onboarding session to encompass specific HighLevel features?

Indeed, we have the flexibility to personalize the onboarding session to highlight only the GHL features that are important to you. Your clients will receive dedicated training on utilizing these specific functionalities

After clients have registered for the service, how soon can they expect to be scheduled for their onboarding call?

After clients have signed up for our service, they can typically arrange their onboarding session within 1-3 days. The onboarding intake funnel included in the Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Direct To Client Onboarding will guide them through the process.

How much time does the onboarding session take?

For the initial onboarding session, it involves two stages: a Tech Call, lasting 20-30 minutes, encompassing all integrations like Domains, Calendars, Facebook, GMB, etc., and a training call, with a duration of up to an hour, concentrating on the features you want us to provide training on for your clients.

GoHighLevel Shop Signup Offer For Affiliates

After the months of Plus Agency Support included, what follows?

Two choices are available for you. You can either select a month-to-month Gohighlevel-Shop WhiteLabel Support plan or continue with a comprehensive package that not only provides support but also includes the convenience of the Gohighlevel-Shop SaaS Agency In A Box.

Is it possible for me to cancel my existing HighLevel account and then take advantage of Gohighlevel-Shop's HighLevel Sign Up Offer?

By using our affiliate link, you can receive bonuses in two instances:

  • Registering as a new GHL user
  • Upgrading to Gohighlevel-Shop's Agency Pro Plan (SaaS Mode).

If you signed up under another affiliate, no need to worry; we are still here to assist you. You have the option to access our bonuses by upgrading to Gohighlevel-Shop's SaaS Pro Plan ($497/month) with our affiliate link, regardless of whether you initially joined Gohighlevel-Shop's Starter Plan ($97/month) or Unlimited Plan ($297/month). Our goal is to make your Gohighlevel-Shop experience seamless, and for more detailed information about Gohighlevel-Shop's affiliate program, don't hesitate to contact their team.

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