Gohighlevel cost

Gohighlevel cost

Due to decreased administrative costs and entrance obstacles, starting an internet business requires far less beginning capital than opening a comparable brick and mortar store.

That does not imply that beginning an internet business is cheap. Just like starting a physical business, there are expenses associated with locating suppliers, obtaining inventory for sale, distribution, and marketing.
Cost is a crucial factor in any business venture. While online businesses often require less initial capital due to reduced administrative expenses and entry barriers, they are not devoid of costs. Similar to brick-and-mortar establishments, online entrepreneurs encounter expenses related to supplier sourcing, inventory acquisition, distribution, and marketing efforts. Budgeting wisely and understanding these costs is vital for a successful online business launch. Despite reduced administrative overheads, strategic financial planning remains key to navigating the complexities of starting and sustaining a thriving internet business.


HighLevel is a collection of software tools created by HighLevel Inc. to create sales funnels and websites. It includes a landing page builder, website builder, sales funnel builder, shopping cart, built-in autoresponder, live conversations, power dialer, and other white label services. HighLevel is ideal for running advertisements, selling digital services, info products, and a variety of other things.

It’s The #1 Platform For Digital Marketers And Agency Owners.

Being the top choice for digital marketers and agency owners, it stands as the premier platform in the industry. Its unmatched features and user-friendly interface make it the go-to solution. With a proven track record, it has earned the trust of professionals worldwide. As the number one platform, it offers unparalleled tools and resources, empowering marketers to excel. Its innovative approach and comprehensive support set it apart from the competition.

For digital marketers and agency owners, it’s not just a platform; it’s a game-changer. With a host of cutting-edge features, it simplifies complex tasks and boosts productivity. Its reputation as the leader in the digital marketing realm speaks volumes about its effectiveness. Choosing this platform is choosing success – a decision that defines industry standards and ensures remarkable outcomes for marketers and agencies alike.


There are also a big factors that are often overlooked: training costs and the overall value of your time. When it comes to cost, gohighlevel has two basic plans.

Cost Plan 1

The single location plan costs $99 a month and as the name suggests, can be used only for a single location.

Cost Plan 2

The agency plan costs $297 a month and has unlimited access to a number of locations. 

The agency plan gives the most value for money as you can serve many clients across various locations. 

There is a white label plan as well that costs an additional $497 to the agency package, so it is $794 a month. You will get a fully white-labeled mobile app and also a custom zap set up for your brand in zapier. 


For an extra fee, the HighLevel team may provide various specialised services for your account, such as HIPPA compliance. For organisations that work with clients in the health and personal care sectors, this is highly helpful.

There is also an annual plan available for the agency plan that costs $2970 and offers two months free.

Is it worth it?

YES!…if you have more than one client. During my onboarding the GoHighLevel support member said most agencies cancel because they lack clients and cashflow.

It saved me money, and I only had 5 clients paying $700-1400..

Client Costs

So I saved $40 per client, & 200 overall. I would save $400 if I had 20 clients, $800 if I had 40 etc.


My Agency Costs

Cost Comparison


Does the GoHighLevel pricing only work for large agencies? NO.

With GoHighLevel, even with just two clients, your ROI will be higher! But you claim there are 24 additional! No, time is where GoHighLevel offers the most savings.

I used to waste time configuring chatbots for clients, obtaining passwords, and outlining Zapier’s fees. The average account setup time was 4 hours. You may duplicate calendars, funnels, and email marketing campaigns to new clients using GoHighLevel’s “snapshot” feature.

Using GoHighLevel, I was able to set up each new customer in less than three hours. If your time is worth $60 per hour, each client will save an additional $180.

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