Why should you switch to Gohighlevel from Clickfunnels

Why should you switch to Gohighlevel from Clickfunnels

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with GoHighLevel: 


The Power of Effective Sales Funnels

In the realm of digital marketing, the significance of a well-structured sales funnel cannot be overstated. It’s the key to generating new leads, enhancing engagement, qualifying prospects, and ultimately driving sales. However, creating an effective sales funnel has always been a daunting task, often requiring substantial time and effort. Fortunately, with the emergence of innovative solutions like GoHighLevel, the landscape is changing. In this blog post, we’ll explore the challenges of building impactful sales funnels, the rising demand for high-quality solutions, and how GoHighLevel addresses these needs seamlessly.

1. The Challenge: Building Effective Sales Funnels

Navigating the Complexity of Lead Generation

Creating a successful sales funnel isn’t just about design; it involves understanding buyer behavior, optimizing user experience, and ensuring seamless integration with the overall marketing strategy. This section delves into the complexities marketers face when constructing sales funnels:

  • The Complexity Dilemma: Effective sales funnels are intricate and multifaceted. They require careful planning, compelling content, and strategic nurturing techniques, making them a challenging aspect of any marketing campaign.
  • Integration Challenges: Sales funnels, though vital, are just a part of the larger marketing picture. Integrating them seamlessly into a comprehensive marketing strategy can be time-consuming, often diverting resources from other crucial tasks.

2. The Rise in Demand: Recognizing the Need for High-Quality Sales Funnels

Meeting the Growing Market Demand

As the importance of sales funnels grows, so does the demand for streamlined solutions. Businesses now recognize the need for high-quality sales funnels to stay competitive. This section explores the rising market demand:

  • Increasing Expectations: Modern consumers demand personalized, engaging, and efficient interactions. Effective sales funnels are pivotal in meeting these expectations, creating a higher demand for their seamless integration into marketing campaigns.
  • The Search for Solutions: The market has witnessed a surge in demand for software solutions that bridge the gap between the complexity of sales funnels and the results they yield. Businesses are actively seeking tools that simplify the process without compromising effectiveness.

3. GoHighLevel: Bridging the Gap Between Complexity and Results

Empowering Marketers with Effortless Sales Funnels

Enter GoHighLevel: the innovative solution that transforms the arduous task of building sales funnels into a streamlined, efficient process. This section highlights how GoHighLevel addresses the challenges faced by marketers:

  • Simplicity in Complexity: GoHighLevel offers an intuitive platform that simplifies the creation of sales funnels. Its user-friendly interface allows marketers to design compelling, high-converting funnels with ease, eliminating the complexities associated with the process.
  • Comprehensive Integration: GoHighLevel seamlessly integrates sales funnels into the broader marketing strategy. Marketers can effortlessly incorporate funnels into their campaigns, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious approach to lead generation and customer conversion.

Gohighlevel and ClickFunnels are likely familiar to local or small business owners who also operate their operations online.

In order to assist you in selecting the best sales funnel builder, today we will compare two of the leading contenders: Clickfunnels and GoHighLevel.

Clickfunnels and Go High Level Comparison:

Let me first remark that this is certainly an apples-to-oranges comparison before we even begin our sales funnel builder review. Although there are some parallels between the two services, you’ll soon find that they take quite distinct approaches and are intended for very different audiences.

Even so, their funnel builders are quite similar, therefore today we’re focused on the benefits that each offers and deciding whether or not to integrate them into your marketing routine.


What is Clickfunnels?

Through the use of Sales Funnels, users may develop their companies using ClickFunnels. It enables you to access all the different funnel kinds, including shopping carts, subscription websites, purchase forms, and website hosting, in a single application.

With Clickfunnels, you are no longer need to make educated guesses about how to combine all of the features on a site. You can make your ideas a reality with ClickFunnels.

Remarkable Facts about ClickFunnels

You have access to all the resources for your market thanks to ClickFunnels, an automated tool. With the help of ClickFunnels, you may connect numerous online operations, simplifying things and enhancing the user experience for your website visitors.

ClickFunnels will direct your lead’s path without any trouble or complication. Due to this, there is a greater potential for sales conversion, which is essential for the survival of an online firm.

Company Result

The interaction that their website receives on a daily basis is a challenge that many internet companies commonly experience. Reduced website engagement translates to lower revenue for every firm.

It is difficult to persuade users and potential customers to return to a website.

By combining Clickfunnels with a well-designed website, you can successfully enhance engagement and increase traffic to your site. You may easily and rapidly sell your goods and services online with the aid of Clickfunnels.


Whether you are a blogger, consultant, online business or service-based company, ClickFunnels is something that can genuinely benefit your business.

What is Go High Level?

GoHighLevel was created to be an all-in-one CRM solution for marketing agencies, effectively replacing the dozens of software packages that these agencies use, programs like:

  • Mailchimp

  • Pipeline

  • Hubspot

  • SalesForce

  • Woodpecker

  • Calendly

And among many others, you guessed it – Clickfunnels.

You may integrate your funnels from Clickfunnels into the GHL system and create higher-quality sales funnels using Go High Level. Therefore, while creating sales funnels…

High Level outperforms Clickfunnels hands down.

However, you may anticipate that GoHighLevel would cost more than Clickfunnels given all the extra capabilities it has.

Later in this review, we’ll discuss the cost for the two funnel builders, but for now, let’s just say that you might be shocked. As you read, estimate the prices of Clickfunnels and High Level, and then check the pricing section to see whether your estimate was accurate.

Well, we’ll get to pricing in a bit, but first let’s talk more about quality…

Clickfunnels or Go High Level – Which One is Best for Marketers?

Note: If you’re a small business owner and just looking for an easy answer about which sales funnel builder to use, skip this review section and go straight to the next one: High Level or Clickfunnels – Which One is Best for Small Business Owners?


As a marketer, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve been utilising many of the other products on the above list, as well as Clickfunnels, for years.

And you’re definitely spending $1000 or more on your entire CRM stack, which can significantly reduce your revenues.

But setting money aside for the time being (see the comparison of pricing between GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels below), which is superior in terms of quality? The response is quite obvious.

What You Get With Clickfunnels and GoHighLevel

And with High Level, you get a sales funnel builder PLUS all of these benefits:

  • Robust email marketing

  • SMS marketing

  • Outbound calling and call tracking

  • Online reputation management

  • Bookings and appointments

  • Full calendar integration

  • Analytics reporting

  • Call tracking

  • Pipeline management

  • Link building and task automation

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • A full-featured CRM

However, there’s even more icing on the cake and it’s…

GoHighLevel’s Gift to Marketing Agencies

As mentioned before, Go High Level was created as an all-in-one tool for marketers, and that means that several interesting features were added specifically for them.

Whitelabeled CRM

The entire software bundle may first and foremost be whitelabeled. In other words, when a customer logs in to their own dashboard, it seems to be a proprietary CRM since your firm has its branding on the programme.

And whitelabeling is not limited to software. The option to white-label a mobile app with a unique Zapier connector that your clients will use to access a branded dashboard is also available to your firm.


Sub Accounts

Marketers that use High Level may also build Sub Accounts for each customer (and almost definitely will). These Sub Accounts make customer organisation simple and enable your business to maintain the privacy and security of each client’s account.


Your firm will be able to effortlessly transfer certain components of a sales funnel or marketing campaign between client Sub Accounts thanks to Snapshots. Because of this, creating a new campaign for a customer rapidly utilising their existing materials is relatively simple.

Unified Communications

Go High Level offers a wide range of communication alternatives, in contrast to Clickfunnels, which is only compatible with email, to boost engagement and get more touchpoints. You may expand your marketing reach with GHL by using email, live phone calls, voicemail transfers, and SMS messages.

Imagine for a moment that your marketing firm is actively seeking out new customers in the car repair sector. You create a customised Sub Account dashboard with your agency logo for each new customer.

Additionally, you may save a tonne of time and work by using a single website template, sales funnel, and email marketing campaign as a basis and then quickly copying that base to each successive automobile repair customer.

Feature-Rich Go High Level Destroys One-Note Clickfunnels

So, in basic terms of what you can do with the software, there’s really no comparison…

High Level’s features tower above those of Clickfunnels…

And it’s not even close. But what about if you’re a business owner? One of the main selling points of Clickfunnel is that its simplicity makes it easy for business owners to build out an effective funnel from scratch.


Do all the extra features of Go High Level make it harder for a non-marketer to use?

High Level or Clickfunnels – Which One is Best for BUSINESS OWNERS?

As a business owner, you’ve realized that using sales funnels will help you:

  • Generate new leads

  • Qualify and nurture those leads

  • Increase your conversion rate

  • Maximize your marketing ROI

The most crucial step is to convert those leads into actual paying clients.

But which software ought to be employed? You are aware that you don’t want to invest your time and effort in a platform just to find out later that it is inadequate for your requirements.

In a comparison between GoHighLevel and Clickfunnels, you could feel that the latter is more than you’ll ever need, which is a reasonable issue.

High Level was made with marketing agencies in mind, but since the sales funnel builder functionality is independent from the rest of the programme, you are entirely free to choose not to utilise any of the numerous other marketing tools.

GoHighLevel vs. Clickfunnels Pricing

You may be asking how much it will cost to get started with GoHighLevel or Clickfunnels at this point. You might be surprised to learn that the pricing is the same. However, they give a VERY DIFFERENT value.

High Level and Clickfunnels Entry Level Pricing

Both services include a $97/month entry level rate that is intended to be affordable for company owners. You will get access to a multi-featured sales funnel builder, rudimentary website creation, and constrained email marketing at this tier thanks to Clickfunnels and High Level.

Whereas Go High Level adds the following functionalities, Clickfunnels stops at these basic ones.

  • SMS marketing

  • Automated scheduling

  • Voicemail drops

  • Online appointment booking

  • Calendar sync

  • Online payments

  • Reputation management

  • Scheduled messaging

  • Detailed reports

So for the same base level price of $97/month, you could either have a sales funnel builder OR a sales funnel builder with everything else you need to improve your marketing.

We recommend this bottom tier of Go High Level over Clickfunnels for business owners and marketers working with a single account.


Advanced Clickfunnels and GoHighLevel Pricing

The next tier for both Clickfunnels and High Level is $297/month if you’re a professional marketer. The situation is the same: whereas Clickfunnels provides the fundamentals, Go High Level truly pushes the limit with a feature-rich marketing CRM system, including the elements listed below:
  • Whitelabeled CRM

  • Sub Accounts

  • Snapshots

  • Unified Communications

Considering that many marketers are paying $1000+  in monthly fees for a wide range of different software solutions that don’t work together well, this single marketing platform will let you…

  • Ditch many of your recurring subscriptions

  • Streamline your workflow

  • Save you 70% of your monthly software costs

And Go High Level doesn’t stop there.

One of the killer features of GHL for marketing agencies is that for an extra $497/month, you can whitelabel your own mobile app, putting your own branding on the individual dashboards that your clients will use.

Clickfunnels and Go High Level Review Takeaway

There is truly no comparison between High Level and Clickfunnels in this evaluation, whether you’re a business owner or a seasoned marketer. In essence, at exactly the same cost…

Go High Level is far more capable than Clickfunnels in every way.

So if you’re searching for an easy way to…

  • Create sales funnels

  • Incorporate them into your marketing repertoire

  • Automate your workflow

  • Integrate bookings and appointments with your calendar

  • Gain a better conversion rate

  • And maximize your marketing ROI

The winner in this case is GoHighLevel.
But why not visit High Level for yourself instead of accepting our word for it?

All new GHL accounts come with a free, 14-day trial, giving you plenty of opportunity to check out all the High Level’s feature-rich, value-packed offerings. This free two-week trial is available for both the $97 and $297 levels.


Additionally, keep in mind that you may import all of existing funnels directly to Go High Level throughout your trial if you have been using Clickfunnels but have outgrown their limits.

After you’ve seen firsthand the numerous ways that GoHighLevel can automate and optimise your process while saving you time, energy, and money… We’re confident you’ll concur that it’s important to increase sales for your company or your clientele while simultaneously…

High Level is truly a better solution than Clickfunnels.

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