Keap vs Gohighlevel

Keap vs Gohighlevel

Keap vs Gohighlevel: A Comprehensive Comparison for Smarter Marketing Choices

In the vast landscape of marketing automation tools, making the right choice for your business is crucial. Two prominent contenders in this arena are Keap and Gohighlevel, each offering a unique set of features designed to streamline marketing efforts. In this blog post, we’ll conduct a detailed comparison between Keap and Gohighlevel, highlighting their strengths and differences, to help you make an informed decision in favor of Gohighlevel.

1. Introduction: Keap and Gohighlevel

Begin by introducing both platforms briefly. Mention their popularity in the market and set the stage for the comparative analysis.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Gohighlevel’s Intuitive Advantage

Explore the user interfaces of both platforms. Discuss how Gohighlevel’s intuitive design and easy navigation offer a seamless experience for users, allowing businesses to set up and manage their marketing campaigns effortlessly.

3. Automation Capabilities: Gohighlevel’s Dynamic Workflow Triggers

Dive into the automation capabilities of both platforms. Highlight Gohighlevel’s advanced workflow triggers, showcasing how they enable businesses to create intricate, personalized, and responsive automation sequences. Emphasize how this feature sets Gohighlevel apart in terms of customization and efficiency.

4. Email Marketing: Gohighlevel’s Deliverability and Design

Compare the email marketing features of both platforms. Discuss Gohighlevel’s robust email marketing tools, emphasizing its high deliverability rates, responsive email templates, and comprehensive tracking and analytics. Explain how these features contribute to successful email campaigns.

5. Sales Funnel Creation: Gohighlevel’s Seamless Funnel Building

Examine the sales funnel creation capabilities of both platforms. Illustrate how Gohighlevel simplifies the process with its drag-and-drop funnel builder, allowing businesses to create visually appealing and high-converting funnels without technical expertise. Discuss any unique features that give Gohighlevel an edge.

6. Customer Support and Training: Gohighlevel’s Dedicated Assistance

Evaluate the customer support and training options provided by both platforms. Highlight Gohighlevel’s commitment to customer satisfaction, emphasizing its responsive support team, extensive knowledge base, and training resources. Explain how this support system ensures that users can maximize the platform’s potential.


7. Pricing Structure: Gohighlevel’s Cost-Effectiveness

Compare the pricing structures of Keap and Gohighlevel. Discuss how Gohighlevel offers competitive pricing plans, catering to businesses of all sizes. Highlight any value-added features or services that Gohighlevel provides within its pricing tiers, making it a cost-effective choice for businesses on a budget.



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Both Go High Level and Infusionsoft (formerly known as Keap) are all-in-one marketing tools that support your company’s marketing initiatives and increase revenue.

They are one of the preferred CRM software because of its features, which are largely automated.

In order for you to examine their key features, advantages and disadvantages, price comparisons, and other information you might need to make the best decision, I will be contrasting Go High Level vs. Infusionsoft (Now Keap) in this post.

What is Keap (Formerly Infusionsoft)?

Keap is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you to generate more leads, convert the leads to clients and also build a customer relationship with them.

It combines customer relationship management, sales and marketing automation, and other e-commerce features into one solution.

You may send automatic emails to your contacts, segment them, and keep track of all interactions with Keap. In addition to this, it features e-commerce capabilities that may be used to assist you keep track of all inventory.

You may set up your shopping carts, payment options, invoices, receipts, and other features to generally streamline the purchasing experience.

Small and medium-sized companies in a variety of sectors have benefited from Keap’s assistance in expanding, maintaining strong sales, and retaining customers.

Additionally, the system offers analytics capabilities that may assist you in monitoring and providing assessments of your sales as well as the effectiveness of campaigns and emails. You can monitor all returns on investments thanks to this.

Features of Keap

Here are some of the main features of Keap that make it an all-in-one marketing platform.

#1. Marketing Automation

Keap assists you in automating all tasks, especially those that need to be done repeatedly.
This function aids in keeping the marketing procedure organised and consistent. Additionally, it aids in meeting all of the expectations that come with marketing.
You can be certain that Keap is delivering the appropriate material to the appropriate audience at the appropriate time.

#2. eCommerce and Payment

Your eCommerce business is catered for by a feature on Keap. You may use it to develop your online store, the order form, and a shopping cart.

You may better serve clients who have not finished the buying process by following up with them.

Customers may quickly get and receive invoices and receipts. Payments are also done directly through the site. The consumers may easily use the payment method.

#3. CRM

Keap has Customer Relationship Management that grants you access to all information about your client right on the platform. You can categorize your customers and send emails accordingly.

It has web forms that help in capturing leads and monitoring the conversion process. You can manage the calendar to keep up with appointments with customers on it.

#4. Email Marketing

Keap has an automated email marketing feature. First, it allows you to create email sign-up forms and manages your subscribers’ list.

There are Email templates on it that can help you with that. Then, you can send the emails in bulk. Before sending each mail content, you can test the performance with the A/B testing integration.

This feature also comes with an auto-responder that helps you attend to the requests of your customers.

#5. Text Marketing

Research shows that the open rate for text is 94%. This shows that text marketing is another good way to reach out to your customers.

The CRM feature in Keap includes a text messaging integration that helps you connect with your customers on a closer level.



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Pros and Cons of Keap

Below are the unique pros and cons of Keap and how they can benefit your business.


  • It helps you to automate your sales and marketing activities in one platform

  • It is very suitable for small and medium businesses

  • It possesses a user-friendly interface making it quite easy to set up

  • All the pricing plans grant you access to a customer success manager and 24/7 chat and phone support.

  • The analytics help you to know which aspect of the marketing process to divert more focus on.

  • It helps to ease sales in your eCommerce business since customers make payments with just one click.


  • It has contact-based pricing which means that the more your contact grows, the more the monthly subscription increases.

  • Keap does not work well with WordPress

  • The Campaign builder on Keap does not function in Firefox






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What Is Go High Level?

The most effective marketing tools are collected on the Go High Level or High FreeLevel marketing automation platform. For your company or service, you may use GoHighLevel to produce emails, newsletters, forms, and contacts.

A CRM, a funnel builder, email and SMS marketing automation, an appointment and booking system, a membership site (for course developers), and more are all included with GoHighLevel.

The majority of the current marketing tools may need to be replaced by this one for your business or agency.

You can manage all of your campaigns using Go High Level’s dashboard. Additionally, you won’t have to register for new applications or log into several dashboards.

Additionally, Go High Level interfaces with a variety of programmes, like Zapier, MailChimp, Twilio, and others, offering you independence and access to your preferred software.

Amazing, huh?

By giving you all the tools you need to efficiently communicate with clients, track their interactions, and complete more transactions in real time, the applications are made to assist sales teams enhance their productivity and income.


Go High Level Features

Go High Level CRM comes with all of the features you need to grow your business:

#1. CRM and Pipeline Management

High level offers a powerful CRM solution to assist in managing all of your business’s contacts and interactions with clients and future clients.

It enhances your company relationships with customers and aids in business expansion.

The following is how GoHighLevel CRM and Pipeline Management operate:

  • It’s an integrated platform. GoHighLevel integrates with Salesforce, Pipedrive, and other platforms to give you a complete view of your pipeline across all your accounts.

  • It’s mobile-friendly. GoHighLevel is available on mobile devices to track leads and manage accounts no matter where you are or what device you’re using at any given moment. And it has a responsive design, so it looks great on every device, from phones to tablets to desktop computers. You’ll never miss another opportunity just because someone couldn’t reach their laptop.

  • It provides data insights for better decision-making on the fly!

This feature offers helpful data so that sales representatives can choose which prospects should move ahead next week vs those scheduled for later on in the future and can see how their efforts are paying off in real-time without having to wait until after close for an invoice update (or even into next quarter).

#2. Detailed Client Dashboard

As an agency owner, you can provide your clients with a detailed dashboard reporting data on campaign progress and lead conversion.

It also displays up-to-date tasks for your sales team to monitor old and new clients’ interactions. Get a clear view of what is going on with your client’s sales.

With Go High Level dashboard you can:

  • Opportunities: See how many leads you won, lost, or still have open.

  • Pipeline: An overview of how much money was won, lost, and is still pending

  • CONVERSION: Check your close rate and monitor your performance.

  • VISUAL: Get a complete picture of your business – sales, traffic, reviews, and more…the ultimate business command center.




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#3. Reputation management

To control your company’s reputation, use High Level. You may take charge of your brand’s reputation if you are high level.

Your customers may give you reviews on the platform of your choice by responding to a “Review Request” you can issue to them using the programme.

To speed up the process of requesting reviews and managing them, you may link your “Google My Business” account with High level.

If you have a Google My Business profile for your company, you can include a link to it in your emails asking customers to provide reviews. You may then choose the contacts for the clients from your dashboard. The contacts you wish to send the reviews to may then be chosen by clicking the Check-in Client button.

#4. Built-in Calendar

Utilize the built-in calendar to keep yourself informed and arrange your appointments and daily agenda.

Your customers can use it to make appointments. You won’t miss out on crucial events, meetings, or chores with the help of this tool, which also functions as a real-time notification system.

Due of its integration, Go HighLevel’s calendar makes it simple to collect leads. Additionally, it integrates with Google Calendar so you can stay in touch. High Level Native Calendar is compatible with:

  • Your site

  • link to it in your emails

  • funnel

  • and include it in your email signature

#5. Funnel Builder

With Go High Level’s drag and drop funnel builder, you can quickly configure and create mobile- and desktop-optimized landing pages, forms, funnels, and surveys.

Go High level provides more functionality yet being more affordable than competing sales funnel software.

Let’s look at how to utilise the Go Highlevel funnel builder to make effective sales funnels so you can understand it better.

The drag-and-drop interface makes it comparable to using ClickFunnels.

On Highlevel, there are several funnel templates that you can utilise to launch your funnel rapidly. With the drag-and-drop editor, you may modify the templates.

A straightforward website with navigation may be created using the same builder. Add your own to make it more spectacular own domain.

Go High Level vs Infusionsoft: Pricing

It’s important to understand what either of these software offers your business. But most importantly, what it would cost you.

Keap Pricing

Keap comes in three pricing plans-

  • Pro,

  • Max, and

  • Max Classic.




Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan


Keap Pro – $169/month

The Pro version gives you access to some features. Some of which include-

  • Two users. Upon purchasing the software, two users can share the platform for different purposes. If you intend to share with more users, each additional user comes with a payment of $29.

  • It can only cater for 1500 contacts

  • Accessible to a dedicated phone and Live in-app support. If peradventure you are stuck at any point, there is customer support and success manager to put you through.

  • Email Marketing. There are email templates to guide you and all email marketing processes are automated.

  • Landing Pages. This pricing plan comes with different templates for your landing pages. you can also create as many landing pages as you desire.

  • Ecommerce and payments. In this pricing plan, you can manage some of your eCommerce business activities. You automatically send invoices to the customers and also generate receipts for them when payment is made. The payment process is also made easy as it is done in one click.

  • Sales Pipeline and analysis. You can monitor the conversion journey of clients from the beginning till when the deal is closed. It also provides an automated sequence for customers to make purchases.

  • You can schedule appointments with clients and also receive a notification when it’s time.

Keap Max – $249/month

Its features include everything in Keap Pro, including-

  • Three users. The Max pricing plan grants access to three users.

  • It caters for 2500 contacts

  • Promo codes and Upsells. This is where you enjoy the affiliate marketing aspect of the platform. With the Keap Max plan, a promo code is generated for you which can encourage people to purchase the software with your affiliate link. The Upsell feature helps you to convince customers to buy the upgraded version of Keap.

  • This pricing plan also provides detailed analytics on all transactions and campaigns. It is only on this plan that you can get all the analytics for your transactions and campaigns.

Keap Max Classic- Custom

With the Keap Max Classic, the platform is adapted to your company’s requirements. It is made to incorporate the elements that are essential to your company but are not included in the other price options. It also has other features, including:

  • Order form and shopping cart. The Pro and Max editions does not have this functionality. This strategy allows you to put up your shopping cart as well as a form that clients can use to place purchases.

Go High Level Pricing

HighLevel has dedicated payment plans, including:

  • Agency Started Account – $97 /Month

  • Agency Unlimited Account – $297 /Month

  • White-Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade – $497

Each of these payment options has a slightly different offering from its predecessor.

Go High Level is a software platform that helps digital marketing agencies manage all of their agency clients.





Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

You get one account to administer your Agency and another account to handle your Agency’s clients when you choose a pricing plan with a minimum investment of only $97.

If you have several clients so you can handle them all, select a different pricing strategy.

Agencies looking to cut costs might be tempted to choose the cheapest $97 package, however that option is only viable if you only have one customer and no intentions to add any more.

Agency Starter Account – $97 /Month

  • Twilio – Enter API to enable 2-way texting

  • Mailgun – Enter your API for Unlimited Sending

  • Single Account – Setup 1 Client or Use for your Agency

  • It comes with a 14-day free trial

  • CRM and Pipeline Management

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels

  • Website builder

  • Surveys and forms

  • Email marketing

  • 2-way SMS Marketing

  • Booking and Appointments

  • Workflow automation

  • Courses/products

  • Call tracking

  • Reputation management

  • Tracking analytics

  • Grey-labelled mobile app

  • White labelled mobile app

Agency Unlimited Account — $297 /Month

  • Includes everything in the agency starter account.

  • Gives you unlimited sub-accounts: Create as Many Accounts for Clients or Other businesses.

  • Branded Desktop App: Ability to use own Domain and customize the look and feel of the platform.

  • Comes with a 14 day free trial

White-Label Mobile App + Custom Zap Upgrade – $497

Includes everything in the Agency, unlimited account, and features

  • Mobile App

  • Zapier Requirements

  • Unlike the other go highlevel plans, the Custom Zap upgrade does not come with a 14 day free trial.

Go High Level vs Keap: Differences

After reading a few descriptions of Keap, explain how GoHighLevel differs from Keap. We shall examine the variations in light of the ensuing factors.

#1. Pricing Plan

Both GoHighLevel and Infusionsoft come in three pricing plans.

For GoHighLevel, we have:

  • Agency Starter Account – $97/month

  • Agency Unlimited Account – $297/month

  • Agency Pro- $497/month

For Infusionsoft (Now Keap), we have;

  • Keap Pro – $169/month or $1548/year

  • Keap Max- $249/month or $2388/year

  • Keap Max Classic- Customized

GoHighLevel offers Unlimited Users and Unlimited Accounts with each of its subscription tiers. The Pro and Max versions of Keap, however, include 2 and 3 users, respectively.

Given all the features that GoHighLevel offers, we may conclude that it is more cheap than Keap.



Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

Users can band together to buy the Agency Pro edition of GoHighLevel, which appears to be the highest version, which lessens the financial strain on each user.

Additionally, as it has infinite accounts, you may sell as many as you like to recoup your investment.

It’s also important to remember that both Keap and GoHighLevel provide a 14-day free trial. This gives you the option to decide to give the platform a try for a bit to see whether it suits your marketing requirements.

#2. White Labelling

White labelling refers to the option to swap out one brand name or emblem for another. Unlike Keap, GoHighLevel permits you to resell the programme under your own name.

The Agency Unlimited and Agency Pro plans in GoHighLevel are the only ones that offer this capability. You will have the option to personalise the account and utilise your domain with it.

You may use GoHighLevel for your clients without letting them know. They will only see the URL that comes with customising it and the name of your company.

It enhances the reputation and worth of your company’s offerings.

You can choose to sell some of the platforms as GoHighLevel Unlimited and Pro provide Unlimited accounts without breaking any copyright laws.

The accounts can now be sold in your name because you own them.

On Keap, none of these advantages are available. Your customers can quickly determine that Keap is the marketing tool you are utilising.

#3. Reputation Management

GoHighLevel gives you the option to ask for a client review so you may improve your internet reputation. Keap does not include it in its provisions. Reviews are thought to have one of the biggest impacts on consumer sentiments.

Customers want to learn more about your company’s capabilities beyond what you have already committed to doing for them. They’re interested in hearing what people are saying about you.

Aside from that, allowing clients to provide feedback to you fosters a relationship with them and gives them a sense of belonging to your company.

They give you good reviews when you give them high-quality service. This is another another form of advertising.

They would write feedback describing the difficulties encountered throughout the process if, for any reason, they did not receive what they had anticipated from your company. They would also be prepared to give advice and a course of action.

You, the company owner, may use these recommendations to enhance your offerings.

More significantly, reviews boost the ranking of your company. According to research, pages with reviews perform better in Google’s local pack, especially when the term is stated.

Reviews might therefore assist you go up the ranks even if your profiles are poor quality.

Unfortunately, Keap lacks this capability.

#4. Account Users

Based on their price plan, Keap charges an additional $29 for every additional user. In contrast, GoHighLevel is limitless, with the exception of their beginning package, which has a client restriction of only one.

You may create as many accounts with GoHighLevel as you like for various purposes. It works well for businesses that combine several distinct business areas.

Additionally, you have an infinite number of users, which allows you to assign various platform tasks to various employees of your business. As a result, the division of labour may be aided.

Additionally, several users can pool their resources to support a single transaction. They can each utilise the programme independently without interfering with one other’s operations.

The Keap Pro plan only permits two users, but the Max plan permits three.

Each additional user costs $29 if the number of users and accounts on the platform has to be increased.

This might not be practical for a business that needs many users on the team. Because of this, GoHighLevel can serve businesses of any size, but Keap is better suited for small company owners.

Go High Level vs Keap: Final Thought

As we conclude our comparison of Go High Level vs Infusionsoft, it is clear that both solutions are comprehensive marketing platforms.

For small agencies firms, Keap and HighLevel both provide CRM and marketing automation software. With Keap, all features are included in the base pricing; adding users or contacts will only result in an increase in price. Starting at a greater cost than Keap, high level adds expenses for several features.

For someone launching a tiny business for the first time, only that Keap could be sufficient. The features of Keap are not overly complex and are simple to understand.

When comparing the two systems’ characteristics objectively, Go High Level turns out to be more reliable and cost-effective than Keap.




Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

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