How to setup Gohighlevel SAAS Mode

How to setup Gohighlevel SAAS Mode

Mastering GoHighLevel SAAS Mode: A Step-by-Step Guide for Seamless Setup

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, having a powerful and intuitive tool is essential. GoHighLevel, a leading marketing automation platform, offers a versatile Software as a Service (SAAS) mode, providing businesses with a robust solution to enhance their marketing strategies. In this blog post, we will guide you through the process of setting up GHL SAAS mode, ensuring you harness its full potential for your business needs.

1. Introduction: Unlock the Power of GoHighLevel SAAS Mode

Begin by introducing the significance of GoHighLevel SAAS mode and its role in empowering businesses with advanced marketing capabilities. Emphasize how setting up SAAS mode is the first step toward elevating your marketing efforts and driving business growth.

2. Step 1: Create Your GoHighLevel Account

Guide readers through the initial step of creating an account on GoHighLevel. Provide clear instructions on how to sign up, including entering basic information, creating login credentials, and verifying the account. Ensure readers understand the importance of accurate details for smooth account management.

3. Step 2: Accessing the Dashboard

Explain how to access the GHL dashboard after creating an account. Provide a detailed walkthrough of the dashboard layout, highlighting essential features and navigation options. Ensure users are familiar with the interface to facilitate seamless setup.

4. Step 3: Account Configuration and Personalization

Discuss the process of configuring and personalizing your GoHighLevel account. Explain how to update account settings, including profile information, preferences, and branding elements. Encourage users to customize their workspace to align with their brand identity for a cohesive user experience.

5. Step 4: Integrating Your Business Data

Explore the integration options within GHL SAAS mode. Discuss how businesses can seamlessly integrate their existing customer data, email lists, and CRM systems with GoHighLevel. Provide step-by-step instructions on how to connect external tools and platforms, ensuring data synchronization for effective marketing campaigns.

6. Step 5: Setting Up Automation Workflows

Delve into the core functionality of GHL SAAS mode: automation. Guide users on how to set up automation workflows to streamline marketing processes. Discuss creating automated email sequences, lead nurturing campaigns, and follow-up automations. Provide practical examples and tips for optimizing workflows for maximum efficiency.

7. Step 6: Multi-Channel Marketing Setup

Discuss the multi-channel marketing capabilities of GoHighLevel. Explain how businesses can set up email marketing campaigns, SMS marketing, social media posts, and more within the platform. Provide insights into creating cohesive and targeted marketing messages across various channels for a comprehensive marketing approach.

8. Step 7: Analytics and Reporting

Explore the analytics and reporting features within GHL SAAS mode. Discuss how businesses can track campaign performance, monitor user engagement, and analyze key metrics. Highlight the importance of data-driven decision-making and guide users on how to interpret the analytics data to refine their marketing strategies.

9. Step 8: Support and Resources

Inform users about the available support and resources provided by GoHighLevel. Discuss the customer support channels, knowledge base, webinars, and community forums where users can seek assistance and learn from experts. Encourage users to explore these resources to enhance their understanding of the platform and its features.

GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that provides all the features and resources you need to increase online lead and sales generation. This platform is also known as “High Level,” however because of its domain name, most people refer to it as Go High Level.

Instead of needing to “duct tape” many platforms together, they want to provide you with all the tools you want on a single platform. With the help of their services, you may gather leads, nurture them automatically, set up appointments, and take payments.




Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan


I adore GoHighLevel because it was created by a marketing firm for other marketing firms, which is why I do. GoHighLevel makes it incredibly simple to maintain and set up client accounts by allowing users to resell the programme as their own.

Elevate Your Business with GoHighLevel: A Comprehensive Guide to Its Essential Tools

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, having the right tools can make all the difference. GoHighLevel, a cutting-edge marketing automation platform, offers a suite of powerful tools designed to empower businesses and marketers. In this blog post, we’ll explore the essential tools offered by GHL , demonstrating how each one can revolutionize your marketing strategies.

**1. Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Software: Building Lasting Connections

GoHighLevel CRM software provides a centralized hub for managing customer interactions. Explore how businesses can organize contacts, track communication history, and nurture relationships effectively. Discuss the benefits of personalized communication, timely follow-ups, and customer segmentation, all facilitated by the CRM software.

**2. Website Builder: Crafting a Digital Presence

Delve into GHL website builder, highlighting its intuitive drag-and-drop interface. Discuss how businesses can create professional and mobile-responsive websites without technical expertise. Emphasize the importance of a compelling online presence and explore the customization options available for branding and content creation.

**3. Landing Page and Sales Funnel Builder: Optimizing Conversions

Explore the power of GoHighLevel landing page and sales funnel builder. Discuss how businesses can design high-converting landing pages and sales funnels tailored to their goals. Highlight the importance of persuasive copy, engaging visuals, and strategic calls-to-action in driving conversions. Provide examples of successful funnels and landing pages.

**4. Quiz and Survey Builder: Understanding Your Audience

Discuss GoHighLevel quiz and survey builder, emphasizing its role in audience research and engagement. Explore how businesses can create interactive quizzes and surveys to gather valuable insights into customer preferences, opinions, and behaviors. Highlight the benefits of data-driven decision-making and customer feedback for refining marketing strategies.

**5. Membership Site Builder: Fostering Community and Loyalty

Delve into GHL membership site builder, showcasing its ability to create exclusive online communities. Discuss how businesses can offer premium content, courses, or services to members, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty. Explore the customization options, membership tiers, and subscription models available within the builder.

**6. Marketing Automation Tools: Streamlining Communication

Highlight GoHighLevel robust marketing automation tools, including email, SMS, and voice drops. Discuss how businesses can automate communication sequences, personalize messages, and engage leads throughout the customer journey. Emphasize the importance of timely follow-ups, triggered responses, and targeted offers in nurturing leads and driving sales.

**7. Tracking Software: Analyzing Performance Metrics

Explore GoHighLevel tracking software, which provides in-depth analytics on clicks, leads, calls, replies, and conversion rates. Discuss the significance of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Explore how businesses can analyze data to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for optimization.

**8. Appointment Scheduling Software: Simplifying Booking Processes

Discuss GoHighLevel appointment scheduling software, emphasizing its role in simplifying the booking and appointment management processes. Explore how businesses can offer seamless scheduling options to customers, reducing friction and enhancing user experience. Highlight features such as calendar integration, automated reminders, and booking confirmations.

GoHighLevel Pricing – How Much Does GoHighLevel Cost?

The GoHighLevel price is really a bit confusing, which I shall clarify in my GHL pricing guide.



Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

When you upgrade your account from within your GHL account, the price plans you see are different from those on the website’s home page.



Here are the official prices of GoHighLevel pricing plans:

  1. The GoHighLevel 14-day trial: Free

  2. The Agency Starter plan: $97 per month,

  3. The Agency Unlimited plan: $297 per month,

  4. The White Label Mobile App plan: An additional $497 per month ($794 total)


However, after signing up for GoHighLevel and you log into your account, the pricing you see when you try to upgrade/downgrade your account is quite different.


Here are the pricing plans you see inside your GoHighLevel account:

  • The Starter plan costs $97 per month

  • The Freelancer plan costs $297 per month

  • The Agency Pro plan costs $497 per month

How To Sign Up For GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

The first step in obtaining the GHL SaaS Mode is to register for a GoHighLevel account.

To register for GoHighLevel, you visit Simply choose any package from the GHL webpage and complete the enrollment procedure to access the GoHighLevel dashboard.



Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

Once you arrive at the GoHighLevel dashboard, click on “Upgrade Now” at the bottom of the page.



You can select to upgrade your account from monthly to yearly payments in the pop-up that appears. Upgrades to the GHL Agency Pro/SaaS Mode package are also available.

Make sure to choose whether you want to pay annually or monthly. Next, select “Upgrade” next to Agency Pro.





Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

You will also receive an account upgrade to the Agency Pro/SaaS Mode plan. Even if you upgrade your account while you are still on your free trial, you won’t be charged until the trial is up.

Conclusion – Too Expensive Or Worth it?

I really enjoy the UI of GoHighLevel after trying it out for myself. It’s orderly and tidy. One dashboard provides easy access to everything. Comparatively speaking to other tools on the market, this significantly lowers the learning curve.

Speaking of comparisons, GHL lowest plan provides you all the functionality and tools required to launch a successful digital marketing campaign when compared to programmes like ClickFunnels and Kartra. You may easily take your firm to the next level as a result.

GoHighLevel is also very user-friendly. And I’m not only referring to the page editor—the email marketing platform is also really attractive and versatile.

Therefore, GHL offers the same functionality as other platforms like ClickFunnels and ActiveCampaign, such as email marketing and sales funnel creation.

Additionally, you may fully white-label the entire programme and market GoHighLevel under your own brand. GHL is now entirely worthwhile in light of this.





Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

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