How does Gohighlevel SAAS Plan work

How does Gohighlevel SAAS Plan work

Demystifying GoHighLevel SAAS Plan:

In the realm of digital marketing, having a powerful and efficient tool can make all the difference. GoHighLevel, a leading marketing automation platform, offers a comprehensive SAAS (Software as a Service) plan tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the workings of GoHighLevel SAAS plan, breaking down its features and functionalities to provide a detailed understanding of how businesses can harness its potential.

1. Introduction: Unveiling the GoHighLevel SAAS Plan

Begin by introducing GoHighLevel SAAS plan and its significance in the digital marketing landscape. Explain how this plan caters to businesses seeking advanced marketing automation solutions. Highlight its key features and the value it brings to businesses aiming to streamline their marketing efforts.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Navigating with Ease

Explore the user interface of GoHighLevel SAAS plan. Discuss its intuitive design and user-friendly features that empower businesses to navigate the platform effortlessly. Emphasize how the platform’s intuitive layout ensures smooth operations, even for users new to marketing automation tools.

3. Advanced Automation: Simplifying Complex Workflows

Dive into the core functionality of GoHighLevel SAAS plan: automation. Discuss how businesses can create intricate, personalized automation sequences without the need for extensive technical knowledge. Highlight features such as dynamic triggers, conditional workflows, and AI-driven automation, showcasing how businesses can automate their marketing processes effectively.

4. Multi-Channel Marketing: Reaching Audiences Everywhere

Explore GoHighLevel multi-channel marketing capabilities. Discuss how businesses can engage with their audience through various channels, including email marketing, SMS marketing, social media, and more. Explain how the SAAS plan allows businesses to create cohesive and targeted marketing campaigns across multiple platforms.

5. Sales Funnel Creation: Designing High-Converting Funnels

Delve into the sales funnel creation features of GoHighLevel SAAS plan. Discuss the drag-and-drop funnel builder, enabling businesses to create visually appealing and high-converting sales funnels. Explain how businesses can customize each step of the funnel, optimize conversions, and track user interactions effectively.

6. Lead Management: Streamlining Customer Relationships

Discuss GoHighLevel lead management capabilities. Explore how businesses can capture leads through forms and quizzes, segment their audience based on behavior and preferences, and nurture leads through personalized communication. Highlight the CRM lead pipeline board, showcasing how businesses can manage their customer relationships efficiently.

7. Reporting and Analytics: Data-Driven Decision Making

Highlight the reporting and analytics tools offered by GoHighLevel SAAS plan. Discuss how businesses can track the performance of their marketing campaigns, measure key metrics, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. Emphasize the importance of data-driven decision-making in optimizing marketing strategies.

8. Support and Training: Ensuring Success

Discuss GoHighLevel support and training resources. Highlight the platform’s responsive customer support team, extensive knowledge base, and training materials. Emphasize how businesses can access the guidance they need to maximize the platform’s potential and achieve their marketing goals.

For marketing firms, small enterprises, sales teams, and business owners that want an all-in-one marketing software platform, GoHighLevel CRM and marketing and sales platform is ideal.

It aids in time and resource savings while increasing clientele and increasing sales leads.

Software-as-a-Service is referred to as SaaS. Providing access to what are basically online apps in exchange for a monthly or yearly charge is referred to by this phrase.

All web browsers can access these cloud-hosted online applications and platforms. To use them, you don’t need to download any additional software or fulfil any specific system requirements. You only need to pay your monthly cost, and depending on the plan you choose, you’ll have access to all or some of the content of the available features.

This group includes several well-known website builders, landing page builders, and e-commerce platforms. Just a handful of the many SaaS businesses include Shopify, Wix, and Leadpages.

Additionally, GoHighLevel is a SaaS business.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Specifics

The GoHighLevel SaaS has two distinct sets of functionality since it considers both agencies and their clients.

Agency Qualities
The creation of subaccounts, setting up user permissions, and locking out non-payment are all done automatically for you right away. There is nothing further that has to be configured or set up for you beyond what has already been done.

Rebilling using Twilio is an optional service. But it would be a pity to miss the chance to charge your customers for utilising Twilio for two-way communications.

The creation of subaccounts, setting up user permissions, and locking out non-payment are all done automatically for you right away. There is nothing further that has to be configured or set up for you beyond what has already been done.

Rebilling using Twilio is an optional service. But it would be a pity to miss the chance to charge your customers for utilising Twilio for two-way communications.



Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

Another thing you should know about Twilio is that, if you’d like, you may utilise SaaS mode just for Twilio rebilling, avoiding customising or using the pre-existing pricing plans (we’ll discuss them in more detail later).

Client Features

GoHighLevel has some really practical features that’ll make communication with clients more seamless.

Webchat Widget

The webchat widget, also known as the GoHighLevel Live Chat widget, is a tremendously useful tool that may be quite helpful in the context of lead generation. To enable communication between your clients and their audiences, it may be implemented on clients’ websites.

It is unique in that it supports two-way SMS conversation, allowing users to stay in touch even when they leave the internet.

We’ve all had the awful experience of having to keep the website and the chat window open the entire time while waiting for a response from customer service. HighLevel helps your clients and their potential clients abandon this inefficient method of communication, boosting the likelihood that website visits will convert to paying customers leads.

Reputation Management

Management of reputation is another another helpful aspect. It enables them to gently sway people’ perceptions of the company or brand.

Customers of your client are sent review requests along with review links via this functionality. Either an email or an SMS can be sent. It is configured to display only positive evaluations (rated 4.5 or higher), while some of the positive reviews may be displayed as testimonials on the websites of your clients.

Missed Call Text Back

The missed call text back option is yet another excellent feature. Its goal is to automatically text consumers and prospects of your clients who have phoned but not been answered, as its name would imply. Missed calls are lost chances that may hurt any business since they create a negative first impression.

SaaS Mode Configuration

From the agency dashboard, you may set up the GoHighLevel SaaS mode. The magic happens in the SaaS Configurator. In this part, we’ll examine the choices that the SaaS Configurator provides as well as some of the potential uses for the GoHighLevel SaaS mode.


Regardless matter how banal this seems, the fundamental components of SaaS mode are developing price options and setting up a signup page.

Connecting GoHighLevel to your Stripe account must be done first. Setting up price plans comes next when you’ve finished with this.

Pricing Plans

Different price plans can be put up using the GoHighLevel SaaS.

The three preconfigured plans in SaaS mode at launch are Standard, Professional, and Premium. You are not required to use these names, though. As long as the plan titles are succinct, sufficiently descriptive, and make sense, you can use whatever creative methods you choose.

The three pre-set plans each include pre-installed features. Again, you are not required to adhere to the predetermined plan structure. You are allowed to transfer features between plans at any time.

Since no technical knowledge is necessary, doing this is really simple. Simply drag and drop features from one plan to another to transfer them.

There is no requirement to set up three pricing tiers. GoHighLevel provides you the choice of creating two price plans, simply one, or even none at all, sticking solely to Twilio rebilling, as we previously discussed. It is entirely up to you whether you decide to go with the default plan selections or take a different approach.


You may provide your customers the choice between monthly and yearly pricing when it comes to billing. There is a recommended minimum pricing threshold in terms of price amounts.

The Standard plan costs $97 per month, the Professional plan costs $197 per month, and the Premium plan costs $297 per month.

After someone purchases a plan, the price cannot be changed, however there is a method to lower the cost by adjusting the pricing using the Stripe and Products settings.



Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

Free Trial

You may also provide free trials using GoHighLevel. Many GoHighLevel users do not, however, advise doing this since you can wind up getting your hopes up for individuals who never truly become your clients.

You may conduct some study, see how the major companies operate, and imitate whatever you believe would benefit your pricing strategy.

Since they employ tried-and-true procedures and approaches, major, successful SaaS firms like Shopify may serve as excellent role models for you. This is at least one of the reasons why they remain at the top of today’s business world.

Additional Configuration

In addition to setting the pricing, the GoHighLevel SaaS allows you to do the following:

  • Offer your customers free Twilio and Mailgun credits.

  • Add a pre-built snapshot to a plan “to be used when a sub-account is created from that plan.”

  • Create a funnel/site pricing page and edit it in line with its purpose.

  • Build a two-step order/signup form and add it to your pricing page to allow users to buy your plans.

  • Create a workflow that’ll inform you whenever there are new signups, right after which you can start your onboarding process for your new customer. Many consider that as one of the keys to your success as a SaaS company.

A few words on the development of the price page for the funnel and website. A visual drag-and-drop interface is provided by GoHighLevel for creating and customising your funnels, sites, and pages.

You can pick from the GoHighLevel funnel/site templates to expedite the process. It’s crucial to complete this step correctly since your audience will use it to compare prices and decide whether or not to sign up for your plans.

How to Get the Most Out of the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

When you have your GoHighLevel SaaS all set up and running, you can make the most out of it by exploring as many of the possibilities that the SaaS mode brings you as possible.

Affiliate Program

You may, for instance, create your own affiliate programme. An affiliate programme may help you forge closer links with your clientele, provide them more ways to gain from your SaaS business, and raise the possibility of more new signups as a result of affiliates’ efforts.

However, bear in mind that in order for this to function, you’ll need to have a profile on an affiliate platform, such a First Promoter, that integrates and operates in unison with GoHighLevel, which is presumably why GoHighLevel itself suggests it.

Online Listings

Yext is an additional tool you may use to expand your clients’ perspectives and benefit their enterprises. It is an AI-driven platform that works with GoHighLevel and may be accessed through GoHighLevel SaaS mode.

Online business listings are one of the industries in which Yext works. It works along with a vast network of 200 reputable websites and portals, including Google and Yelp.

With their names, websites, addresses, contact information, and similar details included on all of these websites, you can maintain their information current and consistent throughout the internet.

Yext assists with link building, commonly referred to as backlinking, which is beneficial for SEO and a practical strategy to boost your lead generation.

You must pay an additional $30 to GoHighLevel for Yext, but the good news is that, like Twilio, you may resell it for as much as you like. Typically, firms charge roughly $99 for their services. It’s an additional source of income for you, and it might provide your clients a significant SEO boost.


We’ve been discussing integrations and how they might benefit your business and the companies of your clients. DropInBlog is another another fantastic and practical third-party service that you can utilise with GoHighLevel SaaS.

Your clients will be able to incorporate content marketing into their collection of business tools thanks to this app. It incorporates an SEO Analyzer that assists you in adhering to the most recent SEO best practices and guarantees that the material you publish can perform effectively in search engine rankings.

Our Conclusion About SaaS Mode

The query “What is GoHighLevel SaaS?” has been addressed. here.

In order to respond appropriately, we considered a number of GoHighLevel features, including SaaS mode operating independently of the main application, SaaS mode settings, and the enormous potential of GoHighLevel SAAS when used in conjunction with third-party solutions.

GoHighLevel SaaS will undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to our wide range of GoHighLevel goods, in our opinion.

We concur with a lot of GoHighLevel clientele who consider it to be a game changer. We hope you share our viewpoint and that this article has assisted you in determining if GoHighLevel SaaS is the correct choice for you.





Upgrade to HighLevel SAAS Pro Plan

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